Sunday, August 29, 2010

A visit to the Taliban Store

No, not that Taliban. This is a small shop hidden away on a small street in Doha crammed to the rafters with buttons, ribbons, bright fabrics and other notions. It seems to cater to tailors and other seamstresses. It is a very busy shop. While we were there for almost an hour it never lacked for several customers at a time. A few women, but primarily men purchasing materials for their projects.

The store front is not elegant but is not shy about its presence.

Just a tiny sample of all the buttons stashed all over the shop.

Bolt after bolt of bright fabrics make it hard to even get around the shop.

Ribbons, anyone?

We have a selection of buttons purchased at the shop. Come in a browse.
Bad Woman Yarn will reopen Wednesday, September 1, after our visit to the Middle East.

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