Thursday, August 12, 2010

Greetings from Qatar

We arrived safely on Wednesday, the 4th. A long flight but have to give credit to non-US airlines -- they take care of their customers, even in economy class. Good and plentiful food, free movies, no checked baggage fees. The tickets are not inexpensive, but no additional charges.

We are staying with our son, John and his family. His wife, Meike, is now the Marketing Director for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Qatar. Many US universities have branches of certain departments here in an area known as Education City. VCUQatar's School of Design is here. John and Meike are here with 4-year old Claire for a few years. We brought another granddaughter, Emma with us to experience something beyond the Pacific Northwest.

We have been helping them settle for the first week, watching Claire while the adults take care of all the  logistics of beginning a new job, a new living arrangement, furnishing their home, and all that goes with it. This is a view of their villa in a 3-unit compound which, in turn, is in a larger community surrounding a lagoon that empties into the Arabian Gulf. Nearly everyone drives a Land Cruiser -- gas is about 70 cents a gallon. Electricity is very inexpensive -- provided by natural gas.

The tall buildings are part of downtown Doha, where architects are vying to each build the most unusual structure.

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