Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting around in Doha

Getting around is a struggle for newcomers here. Many streets have no name, or if they do, the names are not posted. Traffic control is primarily via roundabouts and they become the milestones one looks for to guide them. "Drive through 3 roundabouts, go right at the next, and left at the second traffic light," is a typical driving direction one gets. Our son and daughter-in-law are beginning to navigate to the places they frequent -- work, shopping, etc.

Yesterday we found the Fruit and Vegetable Market on "Wholesale Market Street." It is full of vendors offering fresh produce from many countries. These pictures show the extent of the market and some of the products offered.

Today we will find the "Taliban Store." No relation to the faction in Afghanistan -- It has a wonderful array of buttons and notions. This according to the Ravelry Doha Knitters Group that Lee visited last Monday.


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